There are some things you should know about me before you go falling in love with my dog.

When I was 6, I believed I had my own planet, hence, The Curly H. I may still believe it, and on this planet, french fries, pimento cheese and red wine are life.

I live in yoga clothes, yet I've never actually been to yoga. 

I love to cook but hate doing dishes. Funny how Food Network never shows how many dirty dishes are involved when cooking.

I'm impressed by redhead jokes I haven't heard.

I enjoy snugging, not snuggling, my dog Ranger. Snuggling is something everyone can do, but snugging requires patience, 65 pounds of golden perfection, and a dead arm.

When we aren't snugging, we're trying to pass a K-9 therapy training course. We've tried before, but with Ranger's garbage disposal tendencies, we've been told he'll never pass the 'rejecting food' portion of the test. I would be mad, but he got that from me.

Check out Ranger's Instagram @thegoldenranger. He's got more followers than I do.